What to Expect

Since we believe the Bible is our sole authority for all faith and practice, we strive to conform our worship to what is most pleasing and honoring to God.

We believe that God alone determines how we are to worship Him. We find that He calls us in the Scriptures to gather corporately each Lord's Day to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in singing, prayer, Scripture reading, the Lord's Supper and the preaching of the Word of God. We hope you will find our worship services to be joyfully reverent.

Our pastor preaches consecutive expository sermons. Consecutive means verse by verse through a book of the Bible. Alistair Begg offers this short definition of expository preaching:

Unfolding the text of Scripture in such a way that makes contact with the listener's world while exalting Christ and confronting them with the need for action.

Our worship through song is done with great consideration. We sing a blend of Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19). We believe that the dichotomy today between "traditional" and "contemporary" worship is a false and unhelpful one. There was a time when Isaac Watts wrote what was then considered contemporary worship music! The real issues are whether or not the songs are God-centered and exalting, doctrinally sound, have appropriate melodies, and are generally singable by the congregation.

We observe the Lord's Supper each Sunday. We believe this practice best conforms to the Scriptures and practice of the early church.

We encourage families to worship together. A nursery is provided for children through age four.